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Proper Use of LED Flexible Strip in Home Decoration


At present, LED lights was widely used in home decoration, more and more people use LED flexible Strip for lighting. LED flexible strip is listed the LED(emitting diode)with some rules and then package up and add some waterproofing products. Do you know how to use it properly?

Shenzhen XingLianXin LED lighting manufacturer's engineers will tell you the proper way of using led flecxibale strip.only with correct usage can ensure the products' using time and better effects.

1. LED flexiable strip should with no pushing and shoving on the pressure LED flexible led tape devices during the installation, in order to cause damage to the device, and affect the effects.

2. The tilt of the connecting lines (including connection without threads) of the LED flexible strip should use glass glue to fixe to prevent shading.

3. when the LED flexiable strip access to the power line , it must firstly pass a four-point line or the three-point line and the corresponding four groups or three groups LED flexible led strips connected. After entering the power cord should be given a larger knot, to avoid strongly pulled off from outside.

4. The spacing of Flexible Led Strip lightscan be adjusted according to the required brightness, 50~100 per square metre between groups would be the best.

5. without being waterproof processed LED flexible strip, should prevent rain entering.

6. The power supply port outlet series groups number of flexible LED strips should be no more than 50 groups, otherwise the tail of flexible led strip will reduce brightness because of the voltage decay. Although,form a loop can avoid occurred declines, there should not be too many connections to the LED flexible strip.

7. when installing the LED flexible strip, a double-sided adhesive or wood glue is needed to make the LED flexible strip slot with plastic base plate firmly paste. When using the double sided tape, must add glass glue, or outdoors under long exposure to the Sun can cause LED flexible led strip fall off.

8. flexible LED strips adopt low voltage input, so it must not directly access without a 220V power supply, or it will cause the whole LED flexible strip burning.

9. The switching power supply based on the flexiable strip has specail output voltage adjusting, do not rotate the voltage regulation button during using.

10. LED special switching power supply. the Power supply can only be in moisture resistant, non-waterproof, so it is necessary to take external waterproofing measures.

11. in order to prevent the connector easily detached from the line, the line is designed with Barb, if there's any inconvenience insert, it should insert again. Must ensure that the connection cable is firmly planted in tight, or it will cause future loss.

I believe after we are going through these considerations, we all have a better utilize of LED flexible led Strip to add light and colorto our homes.

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