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What is a light strip


The lamp strip refers to the LED lamp is welded to a copper wire or a ribbon-shaped flexible circuit board by a special processing technology, and then connected to the power supply to emit light, and its shape is named as a light strip when it is lighted.

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The earliest process was to solder the LED on the copper wire and then put on the PVC pipe or use the equipment to form directly. There are two kinds of round and flat shapes. The name is divided according to the number of copper wires and the shape of the lamp strip. Two wires Called the second line, the circle is in front of the circle, that is, the second line of the circle; the flat shape is preceded by the flat word, which is the second line of the flat. Later, it was developed to use flexible circuit boards or FPCs as carriers. Because of its simpler processing technology, easier quality control, longer life, and higher color and brightness, it gradually replaced the earlier processing technology and gradually became a trend.
Because the lamp strips are generally soldered LEDs, there are also many called LED strips, but they are simplified into strips because the term is too long.
Edit this paragraph main features and advantages: 1, soft, like the wire curled, 2 can be cut and extended, 3, light bulbs and circuits are completely covered in flexible plastic, insulation, waterproof performance, use safety, 4, strong weather resistance, 5, not easy to break, long life, 6, easy to produce graphics, text and other modeling;
The scope of application of this paragraph : It has been widely used in buildings, bridges, roads, gardens, gardens, floors, ceilings, furniture, automobiles, ponds, underwater, advertising, signboards, signs and other decorative and lighting, to various festivals Activities such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter, National Day, etc. added endless joy and festive atmosphere. It has entered the five major markets of advertising, decoration, architecture, business, and gifts with tenacious vitality, and is exported to Japan. , EU, Australia and other countries and regions. It is widely used in buildings, corridors, bridges, guardrails, hotels, forest courts, ballrooms, and advertising decoration sites.
Edit this paragraph specifications: conventional round second round, round three-line, flat three-line, flat four-line, etc.; colors are red, green, blue, yellow, white, colorful and so on. Diameter: 10mm---16mm

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Indoor Lamp Knowledge: Characteristics and Selection of Lamp Strips

Lamp strips refer to the welding of LED lamps to a copper wire or strip-shaped flexible circuit board using a special processing technology. The light is then connected to the power supply to emit light. The light is named after a light strip.

2012-03-16 10:31:49
[Rising knowledge] What kind of lamp is with light?

The lamp strip refers to the LED lamp is welded to a copper wire or a ribbon-shaped flexible circuit board by a special processing technology, and then connected to the power supply to emit light, and its shape is named as a light strip when it is lighted.

2016-05-03 16:41:06
How to arrange the lamp strip in the ceiling

The most common way to decorate ceilings in homes is to use suspended ceilings, but you can use different patterns to create different visual effects. You can also place light strips in ceiling troughs. The lamp strip is named after a special processing technology of the LED lamp soldered on a copper wire or a ribbon-shaped flexible circuit board because the shape of the LED lamp is a strip of light, and it is beautifully decorated. So, if the ceiling of the lamp is good, how can the ceiling of the lamp be installed? Let's take a look!

2017-04-28 15:16:23
The difference between light strips 3528 and 5050

Due to its variable light color, dimmable light, and controllable color change, the light strip can be selected to have the effect of monochrome and RGB, and bring colorful and colorful visual effects to the environment. It is loved and sought after by some consumers in modern decoration. . Recently, many netizens consulted Xiaobian to discuss the difference between the lamp with the 3528 and the 5050. The following Xiaobian gave us detailed information about the ribbon, and we hope to help you with your purchase.

2014-12-04 10:16:10
What color is the lamp

In order to decorate homes, there are often many accessories with decoration effects that may have unexpected and good results. For example, talk about lights! What is a light strip? The light strip is a type of light fixture that is connected to a power source by soldering the LED light to a copper wire or a strip-like circuit board through a special process. Because the shape of the light strips is changeable and the colors are varied, people choose the light strips to make a choice of phobias. What kind of colors do the lights have? Do not worry, Xiao Bian take you to see what color of the light with a good look!

2014-12-04 14:41:58
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