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Firestone Ride-Rite Air Bag Helper Springs Model # 2025 / SD Popular Products


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This kit is available for  Chevy/GMC C & K 1500 and Chevy/GMC C & K 3500 (Pickup Only)

I have kit number 2025 in front of me. Once again this is for the 1988-2000 Chevy GMC 1500, 2500 and 3500. So what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna open it up,  I’m gonna show you what comes inside the box, talking little bit about the installation procedures and just tell you exactly you’re gonna get when you put  this  on your truck or SUV.  So why not we open it up?
Okay, so the first thing you’re gonna see when you open up the box is the  instruction manual. Now it’s recommended that you read through this, just get yourself memorized to all the parts and pieces that come with this kit just so that you can get an idea what you gotta do to install this on your truck or SUV.  Alright, so including the kit are two upper brackets, two frame braces, two lower brackets, airline tubing; now it’s very important that you do not fold or kink the airline tubing, two heavy duty air springs and finally all the necessary hardwares that you’re gonna need to install this kit on your truck or SUV. Also included the heat shield, now the heat shield is gonna installed on passengers airbag. It could mount between the air spring and the upper mounting bracket.  After you read the instruction manual and after you prepare your vehicle, you wanna pre assemble your airbags, you wanna bolt in the upper and lower brackets.  So why should you buy the Firestone airbag helper spring kit for your Chevrolet GMC? That’s a good question!  This kit will give you a increased level load capacity up to 5,000 pounds  whether you are towing a boat or horse trailer or hauling heavy  supplies. . This kit will give you the support  you need. This heavy duty air helper springs will also improve your ride and handling, increased traction and reduced suspension fatigue giving you years of worry free service. Including in this kit or individual inflation valves say that you’re hauling an off center load,  now  you’re gonna be  level your vehicle from front to rear or side to side.  You are ready to purchase this kit but first you want to check out the installation procedure. All you have to do is scroll up and  we  have a Firestone installation instruction that can be downloaded, saved and even printed.  This is a step-by-step guide that will help you with installing a Firestone Ride-Rite on to your Chevy and GMC truck or SUV.  The air helper springs will  be installed between frame of vehicle and the suspension giving you load support using air pressure. Now it’s very very important that when you inflate your airbags, you do not exceed the gross vehicle weight rating, very important. Alright, so once you installed the kit on your truck or SUV, you can now check for the leak using a water and soap solution. Now when you’re inflating the airbag, you wanna inflate the small quantities, while you are checking the air pressure, the air springs frequesntly while you are inflating. Befire you install this kit on your vehicle, make sure your vehicle on a flat level surface.  Then remove the positive battery cable then raise your vehicle body axle and remove your rear axle. You then gotta  removed to the jams bumper that’s underneath your vehicles.  Now we also notice from a lot of our customers that they like to install the inflation bags on the back of their truck usually around the license plate is. That way it’s very easy, just back the truck up to their compressor fill up their bags and then they could be on their way. The great  addition to the Firestone Ride-Rite air helper spring kit is the Firestone air compressor because this kit is a manual kit, you  have to supply the air to the airbags. But with the Firestone own  pump compressors, you get intant air source to fill up your air bags no matter what load or road condition. 
The First question is:  I do not want to drill holes into my vehicle’s frame,  does this kit requires drilling?
 The Answer is: Yes, this kit does require drilling your truck or SUV.
Next:  I want to lift my vehicle by the frame, is there anything I must do beforehand?
The answer is: You must release the air pressure from the airbag to allow them to extend to their maximum  length and not be damaged. Then re-inflate them to a minimum of 5 PSI when finished.
Finally:  Does Firestone offer any warranties on their airbag products?
The Answer: Firestone does warranty their airbag products, all kit come with a lifetime replacement warranty on the airbags themselves.
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