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Hitachi LE55A6R9 LE55A6R9A LED Strip Replacement Tutorial – No Backlight Replaceemnt for LED Strips

Hitachi LED Strip Replacement Tutorial
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LE55A6R9AThis video is designed to be a guide.
Please note that other complications may exist
that are not addressed in this guide.
Try all repairs and troubleshooting at your
own risk.
In this video we will show how to replace
the Hitachi LED strips for the following TV
models we have put on the screen.
These strips may also be used in other Hitachi
TV models.
Be sure when purchasing replacement LED strips
to check the listing on our product page for
those LED strips to be sure you have matched
the correct information to be sure you are
purchasing the correct replacements.
When replacing LED strips, you will have to
remove the panel.
Removing the panel can be very difficult.
If your TV panel is damaged during the replacement
process, you will have to get a replacement
Start by removing the screws and back cover
off the TV.
Flip up the tabs and carefully disconnect
the ribbon cables from the buffer boards.
Remove the remaining screws that hold the
bezel to the chassis.
We are using a tester TV for this video.
This TV has been used for testing boards and
other TV parts, so our TV may look a little
bit different, or we might not have as many
screws in certain areas, like your TV may
This video is intended to serve as a general
Unscrew and remove the speakers.
You can put the speakers onto the chassis,
so that they stay put, if you flip up the
speakers , the metal back will hold onto the
metal chassis and stay in place.
Very gently loosen the buffer boards on the
bottom of the TV and release them from the
tabs that hold them in place.
After releasing them from the tabs and getting
them loose, there may be a piece of tape that
needs to be removed.
Next, remove the bezel.
use a putty knife or five in one tool and
slide it along the bezel to detach it from
the chassis.
After detaching the bezel, lift it and remove
it from the TV.
Flip up the buffer boards and using blue painters
tape, attach them to the TV panel.
We are using suction cups in this video, which
are highly recommended for removing the panel.
You could also use a few sheets of plastic
or something similar underneath the panel
to lift it away.
Be sure you do not allow the panel to bend
or flex.
if the panel cracks or breaks, you will need
to replace your TV.
Remove the screen holding frame, also known
As the frame.
After removing the frame, take the layers
of diffusion and tape them together in the
This will help to keep them together and in
order before removing them.
It will also help when you are re-assembling
the TV.
Lift and remove the layers of diffusion.
The screws are removed in our TV, but your
TV might have screws that hold the reflector
to the chassis.
Remove the screws that hold the reflector
sheet to the chassis.
Also remove any clips that may be holding
it down.
Gently remove the reflector sheet.
Disconnect the wires at each of the LED strips.
There may be screws that secure the LEDs to
the chassis, if so, remove those screws.
Use a five in one tool to remove the LED strips
From the chassis.
Take your replacement strips and install them.
We are using double sided tape as we no longer
have the screws from our original strips.
On your strips, reinstall them with the original
After aligning the replacement strips, reconnect
them to the wires.
Reinstall the reflector.
Insert the screws and clips to secure the
reflector to the chassis.
Align and install the layers of diffusion.
Remove the tape in
the corners.
Reinstall the frame.
Align the panel.
Be sure to check the corners to be sure they
are properly aligned, so they don’t get pinched
or cracked.
Damaging the panel will result in the need
to purchase a new TV.
Remove the tape and release the buffer boards.
the bezel.There may be screws on the bezel that need
to be installed.
Lock the buffer boards back into the tabs
to keep them secure.
Reinstall the speakers and connect the ribbon
cables to the buffer boards.
Carefully reconnect the ribbon cables to the
buffer boards.
Reinstall the back cover and turn the TV on
to be sure the TV is working correctly.TV Repair Made Easy™
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